Page - 1 Autumn Jokes

As the trees will get new leaves after
they are fallen in the autumn.
Can we too forget our past differences
and get together again?

No man can taste the fruits of autumn
while he is delighting his scent with the flowers of spring.

The time of autumn can both be cheerful and melancholy.
The mood of the season actually reflects the mood of the person.
It marks the transition from bright summer days to blue winter months.
if you are a poet at heart grab the opportunity to
send beautiful autumn messages to your friends.

It’s the time to take out the winter clothes
Keep your eyes peel for the latest fall fashion.
Happy autumn!!

Take a deep breath and close your eyes.
Feel the nature’s calmness,
Let the peace flow in your mind.
Let the wind whisper in your ears
In the serene autumn night.

Spring is the time for flower
They die as autumn comes.
But at the same time autumn in the time
when the flowers bear fruits.

Memories are old
Moments are not
Let the autumn days
Bring back the good thoughts.

Autumn leaves are like memories
They fall to the ground, withered,
The autumn wind chase them around,
Like a naught boy who loves to play.

It’s a grey autumn morning
As the leaves are turning brown,
I can see the summer birds,
Packing to leave the town.

Youth is like spring and winter is like the old age.
Autumn is the time when you can ponder over
your past and contemplate about the future.

I can see the leaves gathering beneath the trees
I can feel the chill in the wind,
I can touch the warm autumn sun
And the moon, it feels like a dream.

The summer days are fading
And, the winter is near,
Make most of the autumn days,
As it is here.